125 Regolarita

I recently acquired a 125 Regolarita from a seller in Germany. It has now arrived at my friend’s house in The Netherlands and I will be bringing it to the Isle of Man in January.

It needs some work but nicely fills a gap in my collection - I do not have a 2-stroke Ducati. It appears to be fairly original. The issues spotted so far are:

switchgear missing
rear mudguard too short
rear light and number plate holder missing



PS - ignore the tow bar standing in front of it


a good find that is
well done
ive never been into old bike but think as am gettin older im getting interested in them

Hi Steve,

Now I LURVE 2 Strokes, (I’ve owned more Yamaha stroker twins than I’ve got fingers on both hands FACT!) I also LURVE Ducati’s but both of these sorts of bikes have had their problems in the past…
I get just the slightest feeling that you’re pushing the envelope here chap. :open_mouth:

Having said that I’d love to pop round and see your collection, shoot the breeze over a coffee or three at next years TT But…
If I don’t win best bike or best 4 Valve at this years Creg get together I might well bring a Molotov cocktail with me, you’ve been warned mate. :smiling_imp:
Don’t worry I’ve pretty much told Spaggy the same so you won’t be alone at A+E.

Steve R

That’s quite a unique bike, Steve, I think you ought to write something about it for ‘Desmo’! :wink:

I know Barry Jones had a couple of them, a real head turner, nice thing and good for the collection !!