160 monza single

hi all well as the summer did not arrive ive not done much bike related stuff this except touring and camping in wales in the spring mostly wet!!! the st and maggs ducati tl trudged on we had a good time despite the weather further to my last post in may is it that long ??? weve now got most of a 160 but still on a shoestring budget and if it wasnt for chris calton and my mutual help scheme ithink the string would have bust by now !!! i think the helps been a little more in my favour so many thanks chris now im still looking for some parts to build our standard ish 160 cant afford a show winner we will be happy with a runner so here is what we still need go and have a rummage in your sheds !!! you never know you might find something you forgot you had!!!a log or reg number i can use for ours as the frames had no permanent numbers only stickers!!! a usable set of forks h/bars and controls a set of sprockets the sqaure desmo style rear light lense and reflector an oldham coupling sleeve for bevel shaft. a pair of valve guides.ignition switch light switch dip switch ive got a few bits for the later singles which maybe we can swap with thats it for now !!! ciao

Hi Dave,
Hope you’re all well?
Valve guides is there something really special about the ones fitted to the tiny singles?
I had a full set made for my 916SP heads to full race spec, using turned down and shortened Renault guides, they worked out at £8.00 each including the machining and fitting.
Ingnition switch? Fit a pattern Honda item they’re cheap, reliable and easy to get hold of…

Steve Robins

On the subject of valves and guides, I’ve been told that Mini Cooper S valves might fit the Monza Jr. head. Apparently they need shortening and new collet grooves machining and because they are a slightly larger diameter the guides can be reamed to size to remove any wear in them. Anyone out there have any experience of this, or is it just another urban myth?


Hi Chris,

I don’t know about Mini Cooper S valves, but have modified BMW car valves in the exhausts of my Bevel.
The engineer I use for any machining/head work could probably find suitable valves that could be modified for the 160.
He’s modified a few valves for me over the years, turns out top quality work at a fair price.

Steve R Southern version

Sounds interesting. I might have to pay him a visit next time I’m down your way.


A friend of mine has a 160 Monza for sale. It belonged to Mike Jeanmaire, an old member who passed away last year. I have recently re-built the motor to cure a crank case oil leak. It is in full working order and in good condition. All queries and/or offers welcome.


I can provide photographs if requested.



You could always advertise it in ‘Panigale Parts’ in Desmo …

a belated update last summer the monza was given a age related reg number and is on the road it is not finished in relation the chrome ive painted it silver due to cost but at least i can ride it i even took lily on the back for a few miles ive taken mags on the back too it pulls strongly very happy not sure mags was though :wink: still its great to ride one again after all these years this one is for keeps oh by the way the compression seems very high i dont remember having to put that much effort in i may have inadvertantly put a high comp piston in its a while since i built the engine i cant remember what i put in it!!i was more focused on putting a good piston with a good bore that fitted nicely :confused: anyone got photo,s of the different ones then i can look through plug hole and check !!it goes very well ive done about 50 miles on it locally im still looking out for a good pipe and silencer and some original switch gear also the trim and badge that goes on the saddle and a prop stand i have the bracket for it my email is ducati.dave@hotmail.co.uk well it would be wouldnt it!!! :smiley:

I may have a spare silencer for a 160 and maybe some other bits. I am away on business in sunny Bangalore (hard work but someone has to do it :wink: ).

Email me middle of next week as a reminder and I will check.

im working on my 160 monza now. :smiley:
mostly cosmetic stuff as its a nice little runner. usual stuff really, new bearings, powdercoat, fresh paint, tyres and a good clean of motor and carb.
cant wait to get out on it now.

sounds really great, Richy, looking forward to seeing it