1974 450 Mk3

Hi Out There
just a line to introduce myself–my name is David and I have just finished restoring a 1977 Greeves Anglian and have just acquired the 450 for renovation it has not run for nearly 30yrs so I may have a few problems which I hope can be solved by you all.It had a full tank of petrol so does anyone want a few litres of 30 year old ethanol free!!! :astonished: :smiley:

Hello David, welcome to the forum, I bet the science Museum would like it?

Hi David

Welcome to the Forum.

What I want to know is why other people keep finding the bikes I want - this is one of my ultimate must haves

Hope you have fun restoring it and please post some pictures in the appropriate section of the forum to keep us updated on progress.



Hello David,
… and welcome from me to the forum!
I had a '74 250 mk lll - bought new - it was my fist Ducati, loved it!
And I’ll follow the other comments with ‘have fun restoring it’!

Hi Guys
thanks for the replies --the Anglian rides like a dream and I actually rode one in trials in the 60s hence this restoration I also have a 1959 BSA Gold Flash.
At the moment I am having a few problems getting it running ( cant even get a bang ) I think that is mainly technique with the valve lifter and that it has not run for 22yrs all the valve gear is Ok and the Amal 932 is sonically cleaned and re-jetted.It is fitted wih elecronic ignition which is also new to me. But I am in the process of building a roller starter and this just might persuade it tto show its paces I can then set to with the strip down.
Will certanly post progress and pics.

welcome to the nuthouse :laughing: