1974 750 GTES PARTS

Hi I’m restoring a 750 GTES and have a need for an original side cover, I have the lefthand side so looking for it’s opposite righthand side. Also interested in any other unwanted spares, ie speedo drive, lockheed clutch master cylinder, switchgear etc. If no side cover available I intend to fit plastic replica ones so I will have a spare l/h side cover available.
Thanks for looking…

I have some new switchgear (LH + RH) that I won’t be using - it is the Aprilia chromed tin type, not the black switchgear block type. Please PM me if interested. Thanks.

Hi ncr900,
I’m interested in the switch gear but I cannot pm you as not made enough posts, you can contact me on 07993197834, sorry for delay in answering.