1978 SS, help needed please

Can anyone give me any advice on this bike please? It seems in pretty good condition for its age, and it’s done 15k, it runs and its been owned (garaged) by my dad for last 30 ish years. Sadly my dad died recently so the bike is now mine. It was my dad’s pride and joy but unfortunately, I don’t have a licence, so reluctantly I am looking to sell. However, I don’t really know it’s worth or where would be the best place to sell. Many Thanks

Looks to be a lovely bike. A 900cc Super Sport.
There are a number of people who specialise in classic ‘bevel’ Ducatis. Try John @ Made in Italy motorcycles. 01449 612900.
Got to be worth £20k or more depending upon condition…
Good luck…

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The good news is that you have a pretty rare 900SS there, it was a UK only series of (I believe) 200 black & gold bikes done by the importers Coburn & Hughes. The following year Ducati did a different Black & Gold as scheme as standard. There should be fibreglass side panels in black with gold along the top edge.
The other side of the coin is that the price is very dependent on the history & condition of the bike. A sound, complete running bike for sale at a specialist would certainly fetch £20K+ depending on condition. However, everything is expensive, an engine rebuild would cost £5K-£10K, and whilst it may not be needed, any sensible buyer would factor this in, so present a much lower offer price, It may be best to speak to a local specialist see if they can nurse it back life for you at low cost. Whatever you do, don’t let someone who ‘knows a bit about bikes’ start it up without very careful & knowledgeable preparation first, that could be a very expensive option!
What area do you live in, maybe we can point you to someone local who knows what they are doing to check it over?

Hi, sorry to hear about your loss…a sad time I’m sure. The 900SS you have is quite desirable - it is a genuine '78 with the one year only paint job done by importers Coburn & Hughes. It looks like its missing its side panels and indicators. Neither are show stoppers but the paint job on the side panels is again unique to the year. However, it is fitted with its original ‘Speedline’ wheels - these are made of magnesium and most were recalled by Ducati and changed due to their tendency to crack…they also corrode from the inside - please do not use the bike on the road with these wheels purely on the grounds of safety. Wheels can be sourced but expect to pay £2K Plus. It is also fitted with Brembo shaved brake calipers - they are rare too. Price is variable - you have to factor in a few unknowns - none of which are cheap nowadays (anything bevel related seems to be a license to print money…). I’ve just paid £9K for a fairly challenged 1981 900SS. Fully sorted it is £18-20K - yours is somewhere in between and is worth whatever someone is happy to pay.Good luck trying to sell it - someone will get a superb machine (I know as I own a black & gold SS already - if I hadn’t then I would be trying to buy it from you!!).

I used to own one of these. It was much of a bitsa and I spent some time researching its history.
It had been thrown down the road once or more?? and repaired but not to the highest of standard.
It had most parts refurbished over a period of years, and I was given an as new fuel tank,
side panels I found on the net, changed and set up a swing arm. It had Speedlines fitted and I built spoked wheels with Dunlop crud cachers rims. I could go on if any details are useful to others, and some pictures.