1980 MHR fairing

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If anyone has a mhr with 1 piece fairing ,I’m stuck ,I’ve fitted the fairing apart from the lower side brackets,try as I may I cannot get the brackets to line up.
Any clues or photos of lower brackets in place would be of great help. TIA

Dear John,
I had a look around the net and the references I found are these links:

mdinaitalia.co.uk/cgi-bin/co … egory=BVBW
(Fairing brackets)
(page 78 shows forward pointing lower brackets). Perhaps they bolt on near the lower section of
frame front down tubes?

or try John at Made in Italy.


I don’t have one but I asked one of the lads who does to take a few photos, hope this helps?


And the last one…

Wow . Thanks for the help,I think the problem i have is my lower brackets are a slightly different shape and require a bend or 2 in the vice
Many thanks.

Yes John, they do look a bit made to fit!


Hi John,

Let me know if you are all sorted now - if not I have number 146 with the one piece.

So hope I’m not too late with the benefit from some hard won experience and mistakes.

I can help with photos etc.

I’d suggest offering up the fairing.

Get the fairing on (that’s easier said than done) and fix to the headlight mount and fit the alloy bar across the handlebars. I let it sit on the headlamp rim.

I have a thin rubber mat (innertube thickness) I put over the front mudguard and when mounting and dismounting the fairing for oil changes I rest it on the mudguard. I thenn use a scissor jack under the engine to jack the bike up (strapped) to slip the fairing on and off through the front wheel if you are needing to do that - though for oil changes I let it sit on the mudguard, it’s out of the way and allows me to remove the nearside downpipe and then the sump plug - yes, over an hours work to change the oil on this bike.

Fit the two under tank brackets leaving the bolts loose as the brackets rotate and then you can lock them up when positioned properly.

Then get some help to move the fairing into position so that it sits tight under the bottom of the engine - well, as close as you can get it.

Use some tape (careful to protect paintwork) to lock the trailing bottom edge under the engine.

Then bend and adjust your bottom brackets to suit.

If you are working with a fairing that is already drilled - then if original you are in luck - if not, its entirely possible the holes are not in the original locations and so you’ll need to adjust the fairing to suit and the brackets too.

If stuck - just ask.

Once its all done lock the brackets in place and then the fairing can come off and on again easily - never undo any of the bracket locating bolts.

I use a small Halfords ratchet ring spanner with an adjustable angle head - perfect for the bolts on the back of the fairing screws.

Some decent plastic washers under the heads of the fairing screws helps protect the fibreglass gel coat.

I lined my fairing with thin self adhesive engine bay reflective matting - well I did second time I painted it - first time the gel coat on the fibreglass started bubbling.

If you have rebuilt the bike then making sure that the downpipes are the right ones is important - the reproductions are not all formed to the same lines and so you may find they dont fit behind an original one piece.

I rebuilt my 1979 bike over 2.5 years and so sadly have learnt a lot of lessons the hard way - if they can be of any help just shout.

Best of luck.