1983 darmah

I tested my rectifier with a multimeter and had readings of 0 / 0 / 500/499 does this mean the regulator rectifier is ok . only I am getting reading of 13.5 to 15 and rising. I have noticed there is no motoplat voltmeter is this part really needed p.s my reg light is on all the time

Hello Leslie.
Sorry about the late reply.
Sounds like you have a new reg/rec which has an output to the Gen light, is it an Electrex World one?
If it’s putting out 13.5 - 15V it sounds OK.
The old Motoplat relay comes on quite a lot on mine, it is supposed to come on at 12.35V, if I’m running with the lights on it needs to be over about 25000-3000rpm to turn it off.