1983 Ducati 350XL

Im after a bit of help. I bought this 1983 350XL a few years ago but now need to sell it due to loss of storage space. I have no idea how much it is worth. Has new belts fitted, new tyres brake lines and battery. Has only 9KM on the clock and is still on an Italian plate. Have Nova and dating certificate from the club. The research i have done would suggest that only 1500 of these were built. It is as good as it looks. Not sure how to proceed. All help appreciated. Alan

That looks very interesting, not sure on value though

I know this is an older thread but future readers might like to know that one of these sold on EBay in June 2023 for £1800 (item 185947792780). Bike looks pristine, 8k miles and imported into the UK in 2012. For info