1989 Paso F663RJF - whereabouts

Hi, Looking for information on the location, history and condition of a 906 Paso.
It was painted in Pearl White with red and green Tricolore details by Dream Machine and has Windy Corner decals on it.
I was the second owner from new.
During my period of ownership it was converted to 17 inch wheels with 907 parts and had a twin light conversion from a Honda CBX750 along with a Maxton spring on the rear shock and BOS silencers. It was sold from Peterborough around April 1999. The DVLA confirm that it is SORN at the moment. Thanks.

you could always mention it in ‘Desmo’ - a couple of bikes have been found by previous owners after a mention in the mag! :wink:

Hi Desmo thanks for the reply.
As an old club member I am not too sure how to post an ad in the mag. I guess I will be able to post via another forum folder.
Cheers Dave

I’ve not seen one like that knocking around

Just send the request to editor@docgb.net and ask for it to be in the next issue :slight_smile:

Thanks for the advice. I have sent an email as suggested.
Lets see what that brings.
Would be nice to see it again and maybe even return it to the old stable.