1993 888 engine

Aimed at Mr R but any comment welcome

I have a spare 1993 888 engine can you explain why the swingarm mounting area is narrower than my running 888 engine ie swingarms not interchangable. Other noticably differances.

So a question for the real Mr R …

So a question for the real Mr R …

Sorry lads it’s a new one on me???
How much is the difference between the cases?
My '91,'92 851 and late model ST4 cases are all the same width.

Steve R

Because one of them isn’t correct! They were all the same.So,Either a swingarm or engine has been modified at a guess.

Just found this early ? and I’ll answer my own questions. Someone had cut of the equivalent to a roller bearing each side to probably make it single sided?
Cases scrapped so rebuilt engine into ST4 cases

Interesting, you didn’t fancy a single sided 888 then or is that heresy ??