1994 916 wheel painting

Hi guys. First post on the forum. Wondered if anyone has been successful getting a good colour match and finish on repainted 916 wheels for a 1994 monoposto or SP.
Tried to get paint codes out of Ducati in Italy but they don’t have any and just say the Monster Anniversary bronze is the same. Ducati Wolverhampton have told me that colour isn’t quite right. They have done some wheels but was a big task to do and I couldn’t see the finished wheels. So not sure if I should go with them. There are bike paint companies like rsbikepaint.com who seem to sell the colours with satin lacquer but I’m not sure if any of these are exactly right if I buy and get a local painter to sort them. I have a few other leads but have yet to see the results of the paint jobs.
If any of you guys has had it done and can recommend someone I would be grateful. If there is any possibility of comparing the original to what you’ve had done too that would be fantastic.
Thanks, Leigh.

94 was a funny year regarding the gold. I had a 94 ss and the wheel’s were more silvery. My brother had one and they were a more satin gold finish.
Redditch powdercoaters said they would try and match if they had a good sample to go from.

Yes you’re right it was a strange colour. Bit darker on the 916 than the Monster Anniversary Bronze, and with a satin finish. Problem is there are so many ways to mix a bronze colour.
Some of my other leads are progressing. I’ll report back on any successes.
I will speak to Redditch powdercoaters too. Thank you.

They do a top job there.

Bronze Satin finish on the 1994 I think.