1995 750SS

I’m a new member.
Fell in love with Ducatis when Steve Wynne had Sports Motorcycles at the back of Deansgate in Manchester.
Can any of you guys help me with a slight problem?
I bought the bike secondhand from Motorcycle City. The previous owner had the frame replaced under warranty because of rust.
The replacement does not have a VIN number!!!
I have contacted Ducati UK who have sent me the VIN number and confirmation of the change.
What should I do next??
Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Hello and welcome. I to was amazed and got into Ducati’s because of the showroom on deansgate. I was working in the area for 12 months and used to spend every lunch time in there looking etc until 1979 when I bought my 900SS.

Hi Rundmc,

Welcome to the DOC GB! :slight_smile:

I had a '74 yellow 750SS … and I used to work for Steve at Sports, I’ve known him since the Deansgate days, and still keep in touch!

Re your bike, I’d suggest that you get in touch with Pete Ward, (see club officials in ‘Desmo’), and he should be able to give you some advice if nothing else is forthcoming on here.