1995 SS the wrong wheels

Advice please, rather than sand blast and paint my old 750ss wheels I thought… I will pick up some off eBay already painted.

Rear fits fine, but the front has a smaller diameter spindle, I picked up some 1992 wheels. :frowning:

Does anyone have any ideas, or is it sell the wheel and clean up the old front one.

Just checking, I am ok with the 1992 rear wheel?

PS. this is my first attempt at putting a bike back together after a strip down and powder coat etc.
Karl :confused:

They changed the spindle size I believe in 95. Best thing to do is change the bearings in the 92 wheel to the same size as your 95 wheel. The only other problem you might have is that there was a change in speedo size, not sure when that was though. Rear wheel will be fine.

Hi manxkarl
The dust seal on the speedo drive has a different o/d ,so you wont be able to fit it in the 1992 wheels without machining the bore .The bearings . are 6303 2rs c3 for small spindle & 6204 2rs c3 for large spindle. I hope this helps.