1997 900ss forks

Hi all hope everyone is staying safe,I’m after some help with my Showa forks I’m looking to buy the Andreani misano internal cartridges it list them for Showa 41 forks does anyone know if the 1997 900ss forks are showa 41 forks my forks are the 2 piece fork legs with the removable oil seal housing type and not the one piece fork leg on earlier models,are my cartridges the same as the early type fork leg I’ve attached pics of my forks and my bike.
I hope someone can help as I don’t want to buy the cartridges and there not the same as later style legs like mine.


I’ve never seen those forks with a gold strip, 600 Monster and my 1991 759 SS are not like that.

Hi Martyn thanks for your reply buddy,I’ve found out that the forks are GD021’s which are fitted to later last of this model and the FE model 900ss it has the wider spindle fitted as well I’m trying to find out if you can fit the Andreani misano cartridges that are for 91-95 model year part number 105/D22E to my forks but not really finding anything to say someone has fitted them to this model fork,I’m gonna phone Brooks Suspension to see if they can shed some light on my query.


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No problem, glad you sorted it, now I know what they off as well, they look good