1997 Monster 750 question

Hi guys. I am currently in amongst a Monster project that needs another question answering i’m afraid. On the fuel system, does the 97 model have a vacuum petcock like the later models ? Mine has the vacuum fuel pump (?) but not the petcock. Is this correct, or am i some (more) parts missing ?

Well, according to the Monster Bible, the 750 for 1997 had the same changes as the 900, and the 900’s had a new vacuum tap from frame number 014273, whenever that was, so not much help really, sorry?
Have you tried asking the dealers they will have the parts info for the year?

Thanks for the reply. After much internet searching, you are correct, the 750 should have the vacuum tap. It would also appear that people do away with them when they become troublesome. Either leaving them out of the loop or fitting a mechanical tap off the earlier models.
Thanks again… ;- )

Well that’s a bit of useful info, now stored away for future.
Also discovered that they changed the rear ‘tea trays’ between 2000 and 2005 as they have different fixings, I thought they were all the same…
I really Must get out more… :laughing: