1998 900FE

Hi all,
Just a quick hello. I am the proud owner of a ‘98 900 FE. I bought the bike in Dec’ 2005 and have been potty about it ever since. The Duke has lived in Malaga with me for 3 years and now we’re back in not so sunny Milton keynes! I’m hoping to track down some more FE owners aswell as waffling inanely about Ducatis in general of course!

In particular, are there any FE owners in Cornwall posting on here?

Best regards,

Welcome to the DOC GB, Ritchie, look forward to hearing about your exploits with the FE - got any pics?

Hi Desmo.

Thanks for the welcome!

Yes I’ve plenty of pics but cannot work out how to upload them! What am I missing?!! :blush:


a bit late sorry.

i use photobucket, really easy. upload piccy, then copy and paste the img code over to here. easy peasy.

do you still have the bike ?
There is a register @ www.ducati900sl.com total of 34 on there
and a face book page also


As long as the images are not too large (max 1000px wide x 800px high) you can upload them directly to the forum.

When you add a new post there is a tab at the bottom - “Upload attachment”. From here you can browse and find the images on your hard disk and then upload them.



Hello, I’ve only ever seen two, rare bike and very nice looking

[size=150]Hi Richie, Welcome to the forum.
I run the DOCGB Cornwall branch. I haven’t seen a 900FE down here but of course that doesn’t mean there isn’t one about. Come along to a branch meet it would be good to see you and the bike.