2001 ducati 900ss milky oil

Hi guys, new to this wanted to mention what i found this morning and hopefully get your thoughts on it. I was checking oil level and found looking glass to be very milky, strange i thought for an air cooled engine, after running engine up to temperature it started to clear but only enough to just about view oil level, is there anything to wory about? should i dump oil, replenish with fresh and change filter? oil has only done about 600miles?

milky oil = water in your oil

change oil and get motor running at proper temp to get rid of any remaining moisture

my old 900ss did that all the time
i was a short trip biker at the time and all thats happening is the moisture in the oil isnt getting burned off
when the better weather comes in and youll be doing longer trips on the bike it wont be an issue

It’s ‘normal’ my 2000 900Sie Monster is always white even after a long run, it’s condensation which builds up in the crankcases, I think you would need to go live in the Sahara to stop it happening!
I’ve improved it a bit by removing the breather pipe which runs back to the air box, (now blanked off) and fitted a small K&N breather filter straight onto the breather tower via a rubber joint, seems to breath better now.

you neeed a brummie breather. :laughing:
got one on my ST and had one on my SS.

My ST2 has always been milky in oil level viewer. Was concerned when first got bike but after oil change still like it. Bike now coming up to 50000 miles. I think what Kevin says is spot on.

Richy Curzon racing breather

amazing what it does, after a good run the window is clear as a bell.
have to say, the st is worse than my ss was. but its all clear now.

thank you to everyone who replied love my 900ss and dont want to lose her lol goint to do full service next month, should be easy enough after being used to working on my old 748 and will probably mod the breather pipe from crank.

You’ll have to show me what I need next weekend at rally. :smiley:

Will do… it involves chainsaws!

and epoxy resin :wink:

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[size=150]I was too busy sorting my clutch problem the weekend. I forgot this, shame I like a bit of chainsaw mechanics :slight_smile:. However I find araldite is better than epoxy resin. My brother did a temporary repaired on a cracked engine casing with araldite once, it held oil for a few months :laughing: [/size]