2002 ST4 Brakes grabbing

Hi All,
I am still getting used to my ST4. With the help of another member I managed to sort some clutch issues, but now my problem is with the front brakes. They are fine at highish speed, but, anything below 30mph its like. bang, instant on or off no in between. no matter how gently i squeeze the lever, its nothing nothing nothing, wack full on. The bike has only done 14k from new. I would welcome some ideas. Regards Simon.

Hi mate , I’m having the same brake problems as yourself . Did you ever get anywhere with your questions ?

My bike has done 55K so I don’t think mileage is an issue , maybe the pads are just too hard ?

I’m following this cause I like to learn .
I assume you guys have biking experience.
What do you mean grabbing ? You put them on and they work ?
I try and touch the brakes as little as possible at low speed on my 748 and 848 cause under 30mph they are just sharp .
Brakes grabbing ? Are the disc’s rusty ?
Hard brake pads ?? Dont think so .
Please keep posting if you get it sorted .
Regards Brian