2007 Hypermotard recommission

If you had a Hypermotard parked under the stairs for 13 years, what would need doing to recommission and get it on the road besides a battery and an mot ?

I’d change all the fluids and the BELTS!

Steve R

As Steve R says plus very likely new tyres as well, the original ones will be pretty hard by now I would have thought.

Depending what type of air filter it has on it that may need changing as well, some of the foam ones break down with age, go brittle & crumble and you don’t want to suck bits into the engine.

When turning it over for the first time do it with out plugs in or at least with the plug caps off, you will want to get the oil pump moving the oil around before it fires up; the cams in the heads will most likely be completely dry by now. If it were me I’d whip the rocker covers off the heads and apply some oil directly to them before turning it over.

many thanks for the info