2008 S4RS gear selector issues

Looks like a busy weekend coming up, riding home from Cadwell this weekend the bike was having difficulties changing gear, I ended up stuck in 4th so managed to limp home. I have spoken with Neil of Cornerspeed Ducati service centre and it would appear that there was/is an issue with the mechanism on the gear selector. I have ordered the update kit, and a couple of the special tools required to carry out the install/upgrade, including new oil & filter and coolant.

see attached video of the process by Track848.

Hope you get it sorted soon, weather too good to miss

Cheers Martyn everything is set up, but the upgrade kit, as soon as it comes we are on it

The gear selector upgrade was carried out successfully, i would say a job that a competent person could carry out, with the special tools required and patience, and several viewings of track848 YouTube video.