200GT. Kick Start problem

Hi, I’m Mike.
I bought the bike from a German dealer at the beginning of the year. I new it had a kick start problem and the bike was priced accordingly. The kick start would slip part way through its operation
I stripped and rebuilt the engine and modified the kick start to replace the leaf spring with a coil spring. I checked the gears and ratchet and all seemed to be OK, but I did sometime think thank excess pressure was required to move it. It was almost as though it was ‘locking’, and the ratchet still slipped occationally.
I obtained an MOT and registered the bike and was ready to take it on the road when I discovered a problem with the charging circuit. When carrying out checks on the alternator I was starting the bike frequently and the kick start slipping problem has returned.
Has anyone had experience of this as I would appreciate any ideas what to look for.
Best regards,