2010 AGM ... Council of Management expenses

As you may have read elsewhere, I’m having a few problems trying to find accommodation for the 8th May. The journey for me is 330+ miles for the round trip, (a bit of a trek for one day for me!) so a stay overnight would be required. How many other Council of Management members have found that they will have to stay over in order to attend the AGM?
Having done countless rallies in the past, I’m all rallied out, and not keen to stay for the whole weekend; however, I would like to attend the dinner - do I have to pay for the whole Rally?
I ask these questions as I think it’s important to get some clarification re expenses occured to travel and stay in order to attend the AGM - best to get it sorted out now :slight_smile: I’m currently on a 4 day week (with 4 day week money!) so I need to justify any additional expenses.

Hi Jilly,

All I can suggest is that you contact Kev Baker direct and see if he can arrange for you to attend the meal FOC. I hope that I’m not talking out of turn here, but I would have thought that it was possible. If not, he may at least be able to let you pay for just the meal.


Hi Chris,
many thanks for your reply. We discussed the topic at the last CoM meeting, and I wouldn’t be able to claim expenses. I would also have to pay the full £25 for a meal …However, Pete Ward has offered to give me a lift there and back, so I’ll be sharing petrol costs with him. We won’t be staying for a meal :frowning: