2010 Streetfighter S new owner

Hi All. I recently purchased my first Ducati, as per subject, and am loving the looks and riding the machine. Unfortunately it’s fitted with Termis and DP ECU, so a rather unexciting ride :wink:
I intend to keep the SFS a few years at least and to do my own maintenance, so will be considering the owners club tool hire scheme.
I have a little issue with the ignition switch and have posted about this on the forum; hopefully someone can provide some insight before I try and figure it out myself.
I’m based in Wiltshire.
Graham ‘Koops’

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Mate, welcome to the fold, especially the SF group.

I also have a 1098 SF and love it.

I’m not experiencing the problems you have and just wanted to reach out. I’ve tracked my bike this summer and it was awesome. I’m sure you’ll love it.


They are an awesome bike, brutal, the new one may be quicker but the electronics will tame it, definitely a keeper and going up in value.

Thanks for the reply. I’m commuting on mine, 35miles each way with slow city traffic and motorway. At first I didn’t much like the low speed handling or the ‘cammy’ engine but it has grown on me. Anything else now is rather boring!

Certainly the prices in the uk are high for a c.10 year old bike. With that in mind I’m aiming to keep it standard: have replaced a cheap carbon clutch cover with an original ‘Magnesium’ one (naff Gold colour though). I’m thinking about buying the original licence plate support as mine has a nice tail tidy, but not sure whether that would impact ‘collector’ value much.

I found that changing out the clutch master cylinder (easy job at home) changed everything, especially in traffic. Also, I’m not sure about your exhaust system, but mine originally came with a SP Project 2 into 1 and sounded great. I was forced to change that so I could go on a track day, and I’m glad I did. The longer pipe has muted it some but has also created more back pressure which has smoothed out the bike. In town, it doesn’t struggle as much between 1st and 2nd, it’ll sit in 2nd at 30mph which is nicer.

So, maybe back pressure is some of the answer to smoother riding at lower speeds.

But oh hell, when your right hand says go…boy does it go.

I love mine so so much.