2010 TT

Hope you have boooked your ferries! All the final Saturday feries are booke up, and the going over friday/saturday night crossings.

The best I have managed is Friday (4th June) morning 03.15 sailing and returning sunday night 23.15 departure on the 14th June!

It would appear to be getting harder and harder to get accross for the TT!


Maybe you are only looking at the Steam Packet Co Sailings.

I was told that the reason the Steam Packet Co could not offer me a morning sailing for return to the UK on the Sunday after race week was because that slot was allocated to ANOTHER FERRY COMPANY!

Competition is coming - I don’t know who they are yet, but will post on here if I find out any more.


I’m REALLY glad that Keith and Steve have put this thread up and answered it.
I’ts allowed me to open the debate with Nessie as to wether I can go next year…
And the answer to the question is of course “Yes Steve of course you can go”.


Steve R

What’s the plan for next year Mr R?
More horsepower or even less weight?

Hi Steve,

At the moment I’m shedding the extra lbs I put on at this years TT. :astonished: Not!!
I lost a bit too much weight from the 851/916 on Tuesday, the chain snapped under hard acceleration at around 120mph it then whipped around and smashed the rear light before dissappearing into the ether.
The motor suddenly hit the rev limiter on full throttle as I changed up, I thought I’d missed a gear so I hit the gear lever again and gave the bike another handfull , hitting the rev limiter again…
It was then that I said “Oh Botheration” or something like that.
The steel case saver did it’s intended job well, but it’s a bit bent out of shape to say the least, nothing I can’t sort out with a big hammer though.
The bike also lost the tips from a few teeth on the (new for the TT) rear alloy sprocket, the carbon gearbox sprocket cover burst from it’s bolts and the paint work on the rear wheel suffered a bit as well.
Considering where I was and the speed I was doing I think I got off a bit lightly.

I fitted a new DID ERV3 chain yesterday which had been sitting on the bench waiting for me to fit it. :unamused:
The rear lights aren’t available anymore but fortunatly I had a new one in my stash, I’ve also got a few spare sprocket covers to choose from.

Since returning from the Island I’ve got hold of a set of Ohlins forks and yolks from a 888SP4.
Over the winter (if cash allows?) I’ll get them sorted at Maxton’s and hopefully have them fitted in time for next years pilgramage.

Steve R

As a result of one of my party dropping out, I have a ferry ticket and place at my timeshare going begging for this years TT. I would prefer a DOC member to have first dibs at it, so if you are at all interested in going to the IOM this year, and want to have your ticket and accomodation all arranged, let me know pronto, as the tickets have to be paid for by the end of Feb.
Best email me off the forum on spaggy@docgb.net

i’ve got a mate who’s not a club member (Yet!) who lives 100 yards from my house who’s up for it, he’s got 2 Ducati’s which he’s built himself, one of them a standard 900SL, the other an SL fitted with a tuned ST3 Motor kicking out 108rwbhp.
He’s blogged this project on Ducatisti UK, the threads title is…
‘Watercooled Madness’ and he goes by the web/forum handle of ‘Pablo Pirate’.
He’s right up for it can I tell him the place is his?
He want’s to bring the cash over to my house right now.

Steve R

I’m pleased to see some interest in Spaggy’s spare ticket because I now have one as well.

One of our group has been told NO by his employer,
so it is Outward from Heysham on Friday 4th June at 14:15, the return sailing is on Sunday 13th at 14:30 to Liverpool, (arrives Liverpool 17:00).

As Spaggy said, time is of the essence because final balances will be paid by the end of the month, and I will just let this one go if there are no takers.

Exclusively offered on here until this weekend, and then I will put it out to a wider audience.

email me on northlincs@docgb.net or my mobile number which is in Desmo.

Steve Blades

Hi Steve,
Have you also got some spare accommodation along with the spare ferry ticket?
I work with a few bikers who’ve expressed an interest in going to the TT, they’ve all heard my stories over the years and would like to go.
If you’ve got a spare bunk/place to kip I might be able to help…

Steve R

P.S. I don’t have wankers for mates, so if I can put someone your way he’ll be a ‘Good Egg’ who’ll fit in I’m sure.

Hi Steve R

It is almost certain that my usual homestay landlady - every year since 1999 - (very nice house, Tromode Park area, inside the circuit about 400 yards from top of Bray Hill) will accomodate someone if they come with my recommendation - so anyone with your approval, I’m sure will also be fine.

I generally walk down into Douglas centre most nights and stagger back up, so if your mate likes a beer or two he will have company. it’s about £25 a night inc breakfast - and most importantly the bikes go in the garage.

You now have first refusal.

Steve B

Right Steve thanks,
I’ll run it by the lads in the morning, I’ll let you know by tomorrow evening at the latest.
It’ll be put up or shut the f*ck up time!

Steve R

Hi Steve,
I’m sorry but it’s a no go, one of the lads would have been interested, but they’ve all agreed it’s all of them or nothing this year…and he didn’t want to go it alone after agreeing this.
They’re going to book early for next year to make sure they can all go together, although if they can get tickets for the ferry this year they’ll go over and camp…
Rather them than me! :open_mouth:
I can’t remember how many times I’ve told them about the need to book early.
I’ve also run it by a few other mates for you but again no luck, they all frantically thumbed through their diaries hoping that the dates would work out for them.

Cheers for now Steve and I’ll see over on Mona’s Isle, the 1st pints on me.

Steve R

Hi Steve

No worries, thanks for having a go.

See you at the Creg on Mad Sunday.


My spare ferry ticket is now allocated.