2014 Diavel Timing Belts

I picked up my Diavel 6 months ago and I’m just arranging an annual service.
Looking through the maintenance schedule is states that the timing belts should be changed at 60 months but also references 18000 & 36000 miles.
Mine has done 6600 miles, has been serviced annually and is 8 years old this year but hasn’t had the belts changed, do I need to do them now?

Many thanks


People with an interest in making money will tell you that you should get the belts done, but changing low mileage belts is imo not needed,
Ducati belt changes bang on schedule are the biggest myth in bike maintenance which causes paranoia in buyers. Of course people will come forward and perpetuate the myth but I’m guessing these will be like lottery winners, very few people know of any. Save your money and use it for petrol to enjoy your bike