2CV Oil Filters for 750 & Others

I noticed in the interchangeability list that the Citroen 2CV OIl filters can be used, but looking on the Mann webiste the 2CV filters they make have a different spec for the 2CV and the Ducati. Just wondered if anyone that has used the 2CV filters noticed any issues?

catalog.mann-filter.com/EU/eng/c … /W%20712~9
catalog.mann-filter.com/EU/eng/c … r/MW%20713

The W712/9 filter for the 2CV is a bit shorter, but the main difference seems to be the bypass pressure.


"Oil filters for belt-drive engines: (same as fitted to Citroen 2CV & Peugeot 205 & 309 - UFI part number (23.105.00) corresponds with;)

AC Delco FX0011 (was X4A) Motorcraft EFL 47
Champion H101 NAPA: 1352 (1352NAPA and 551352 on the box)
Cooper Z64 Powertrain FL125
Fiaam FT4654, FT 4847 or PA7059 Purflux LS187
Fram PH6074 (was PH2839, PH2864A) Purolator ML16829C (was FC 103 or OC 5)
Halfords HOF216 Tecafilter Ref OC5
K & N KN-153 Technocar R12, R72, R434
Knecht OC 5 (equivalent to Ducati #065149960 and #090549960) TJ FB2094
Mann & H W712/9, W712/11 Unipart GFE 201 "