3 month warranty cover

Hello all, first time post (be nice!). I purchased an 1199S from Ducati Aylesbury last month and it came with 3 month warranty. The left mirror has become wobbly and the joint is slightly lose with the cap not fitting correctly. I live a lot closer to the Cambridge dealer than Aylesbury and wanted to know if I could take the bike to any dealer to get it fixed. Neither dealers seem to know the answer!.

Thanks all.

Hi and welcome, is not just a case of tightening the fastening, which you can do yourself? I appreciate it’s got a 3 month warranty but
a) IME a 3 month warranty on a second hand bike usually only covers major mechanical failures eg engine/gearbox, and
b) it’ll be a lot quicker for you to do it yourself than take time out to go to the dealer.

I don’t know whether this is your first Ducati or not so please don’t take offence at the following but being a V twin they are ‘vibey’ and there is a tendance for bolts that are not correctly torqued and/or loctited to work loose.

Hi thanks for the warm welcome. It is my first Ducati but not my first v twin. I’m quite mechanically minded so should really give it a go. I’ve got a bit of time today so will have a crack at it. I just don’t want to mess it up. I love my bike!

Take it easy and you’ll be fine:+1:

Try this link, post #130 there’s a link to a workshop manual for an 1199S tricolore, same bike, just small differences

https://www.ducatiforum.co.uk/threads/free-ducati-owner-workshop-manuals.593/page-7#post-1309624"]Free Ducati Owner & Workshop Manuals

If that doesn’t work let me know.

Thanks. I’ve actually managed to fix it. I drilled a pilot hole through the bottom of the joint into the arm of the wing mirror. It’s rock solid. It won’t bend in, but I never have them in anyway (though it’s nice to have the option). Only issue now is, the little plastic cap was snapped off. Looks like the previous owner tried super glueing it in. Its an easy fix though

:+1: good on you. Saved a trip to a dealer and a potential bill