350 Desmo Single ID

I’ve just joined DOC and have done to gain information and parts sourcing for my recently obtained 350, I’m told a 1972 vintage, which requires a complete rebuilt. First of all I’d appreciate some advice on the location of the frame number so that I can identify its original model type. The engine number is clearly marked as DM350 05445 which unfortunately is not listed in bevelheaven.com, the closest being 05444 (a USA bike dated 1968). It is definitely a wide case desmodromic motor.
Any help with this information would be greatly appreciated.

My '74 DESMO 250 is marked DM250D ****** on the crankcases, the D on the end marking them/the motor out as a DESMO.
The fact that there isn’t a 2nd D in your number tells me it’s NOT a DESMO motor.
Have you pulled the valve covers and counted the rockers? If it’s got 2 it’s a springer, 4 and it would be a Desmo.
American market models didn’t have frame numbers stamped into them. The rest of the world had numbers stamped onto the front of the headstock.

Steve R