350 scrambler.

Hi everyone,new to Ducati ownership ,finished my xt500 resto in summer and wanted a new challenge.Remembered when I bought bike from chap he also had this old Ducati.Any way rang him a couple of weeks ago and he still had it ,so now I have a350 scrambler…Luckily most of the bike is in OK condition but had to buy a fair few items.,clock mount, clocks,all new cables,handle bars,grips,replacement barrel,new pisto etc…you get the idea.what I want to know is when I get it all sorted what is the best place to send off frame numbers etc so I can get a date certificate,is it simply Ducati or another affiliated company.Thank Ad.

Hello Ad.
Welcome to the forum, that sort of thing never happen s to me, I would love one!
The club is the DVLA recogised machine dating agency for Ducatis, the service is free (one per year) to members and is charged at £30 per certificate for non members.
All the details and how to join if you’re not already a member are here:
Just click on Membership for membership details
Services/Machine Dating for info on that.

DOC GB Memsec.

I know where there is another one!

… and i know where there’s one as well! :wink:

Hmmmm… all I need is to win the lottery! :frowning: I wish.