600 Carb on 900 engine problems!!!

Hi All

Im new to the DOCGB, but have had a 1995 Ducati monster for 10 years, in that time I have completely striped and rebuilt it. As part of the rebuild I have upgraded to a 1999 900 engine (easy conversion BTW), I did not however change the carb from a 600 to a 900. Initially the bike would start and run, but was fuel starved, spluttering, poor acceleration etc, I assumed that this was due to the main jet being to small, so I added a stage 2 jet for a 900. Now the bike runs ok under acceleration but will not idle at all. I am assuming that this is because the pilot jet is also to small. Can this be replaced or must I invest in a 900 carb, I would really appreciate some help on this, to point me in the right direction.

BTW I also a K&N filter and modified air box but standard exhausts

I have a set of 900 carbs if you require them

As far as i’m aware, the 600 carb was fitted to the 900SS - but you will have to re-jet for the 900. I have some spare 900 jets and needles if you’re interested, just in process of fitting a stage 2 dynojet kit so they’ll be free soon. If you send a pm, we’ll take it from there.

I understand the 600 and 750 carbs are basicly the same but have diferent drilling inside that cannot be altered
regards Steve B