600ss sidestand

hi, i have a 600ss, it is a great bike except for the sidestand, it is the sort that automaticaly springs up as soon as the weight is taken off of it.
Does anyone know of any remedies for this to turn the stand into one that I, as the rider, put up manualy and be safe in the knowledge it can’t spring up at any oppertunity it gets, letting my bike fall over.
any help will be greatly appreciated.

hi cant believe no ones replied to your post but for what its worth you can buy an alternative bolt from tony brancato that allows the spring plate to sweep past the top off the bolt or if your hard up or a cheepskate ( choose which im both ) you can saw the top off the bolt only the tubular bit you will find there is still enough depth in the hole to use the allen key as before file it and polish it then it looks fine its a long time ago when i had my 900 ss but ass far as i remember thats all i did easy!! ciao from dave