748/916/etc fairing lower connections?

Spent a few months respraying the plastics on my 748S, just reinstalled them on the bike, only to discover that where the lowers meet under the engine there are holes, but no easy way to link them. The bike wasn’t in great order when I got it, had cable ties holding the lowers together, but frankly, that looks like the best solution! Anyone know what the original solution was/is? The Haynes manual isn’t clear…

One fits over the other and two dzus fasteners are used

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Hmm. Mine meet neatly under the v-piece, but the two halves don’t seem to overlap, except for a tab in the middle. Sounds like it’s cable ties or a custom bracket and dzus - cheers!

Just make sure they’re very secure! Mine ‘blew’ open at 80mph which was a nice suprise, and just a bit alarming as the whole faing destroyed itself. To make it worse I had to collect every bit of shattered fairing from the road.