748 bip rough when hot

Hi all, 96’ 748 bip, arrow chip & pipes, itg air filter, owned for over 10 years with no probs!! last week or so a misfire appeared, then total flame out, restarted, ran ok. Later it did the same, ran fine but then lost power and felt “wooly” & died, same thing, restarted ok but was lumpy. It has new fuel filter & NGK iridium plugs fitted two weeks ago & probs only occured a while after this, ran it up tonight on paddock stand & was ok till hot then it missed again, seemed to be very rich. It was on a spare new battery as well (think old one is dieing)
I have trawled the net’ and many suspects, temp’ sensor to ecu is one (not telling ecu engine is hot and enrichening mixture too much) TPS is another.
Gonna try new champion plugs incase the iridium ones are at fault, it had champion ones for years with no probs’ checked charge rate its ok at 13.5v ish under laod, it has the regulator mod & the wiring from reg to engine was replaced some years back. Fuel pump primes ok but a new relay is on its way.
Anyone with any revalations?? :cry:

i have the irridium plugs in my 916 with no problems as yet. that idea with the temp sensor sounds like it could be the culprit.

Iridium plus need much bigger gaps than standard plugs - 1mm from memory. Could be fuelling; no easy way to diagnose without software to check sensors and injection timing and CO2 tester.