748 customisations

I have a stock 2002 yellow 748 and I’d like to do some modifications to it, mainly visual, with some performance if possible too… Anyone got any examples of similar projects or ideas? (A broad question I know…)

I’d say Pinterest or Google any ideas you may have of what you’d like to do to get ideas.
With aesthetics what one person perceives as great another wouldn’t. Personally colour coded bolts look horrendous. Sorry i can’t be more helpful. Ask any questions.



Performance exhausts (Carbon cans) 45mm will suit nicely and an ECU chip to suit.

Aftermarket air filters to replace the stock ones.


Single seat unit and remove the rear foot peg hangers.

Smoke tinted screen.

Then carefully store the original equipment.


Just like an SP or SPS:



Sounds like good advice

Hey thanks for the useful info! I’ve started slowly with new fluid cap fillers :joy:.

I’ll be replacing the exhausts with slip-on akros or performance cans, and possible a remap, along with ca rbon fibre bellypan…

I’d love to get the gold wheels but it’s where I can source them reasonably…


Are you looking at getting your standard wheels re-done gold?

Here are my spare ones done by Mark at MADASL:


Nice… I’d get my standard ones done possibly unless I can get a pair of spares… (How much were they roughly for a respray do you mind me asking?)



Speak to Mark at MADASL (tell him I sent you) and he will give you all the details and a timeline.


It is the closest I have see to the standard colour.


Sorry, not been on here for ages, thanks for the info!

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