748 Master Cylinder

Any ideas if or where I can get seals or a kit for the master cylinder of my clutch . Cheers all .

You local Ducati dealer will have them in stock, we had to get one a few weeks ago from Ducati Wolverhampton on the Saturday of the Severn Rally Rally when one of the lads’ ST2’ packed up, about £27.
Although I would consider swapping the whole slave cylinder for an Oberon, they are much better than standard Ducati ones.

Cheers Kevin, but I am after the seals for the piston in master cyl, on handle bar fitted to the fluid reservoir . Still can’t get them anywhere . I m open to any ideas.

Ah, sorry, I really should read before I reply…
Have you tried Andy at Mdina Italia, he keeps some later Brembo stuff in, but you can’t get seals for post 1990 brake calipers anymore Brembo don’t supply them.
No sure if this applies to master cylinders?

Try a KTM dealership because Brembo and Ducati won’t supply seals etc anymore, due to worries about product liability but…
KTM supply genuine Brembo parts packed into KTM labeled boxes. :wink:

Steve R

Cheers guys Ktm dealers it is plus medina . Failing that I will have to bite the bullet and buy a new master cyl. How crazy is that !