748 - Spazzy rev counter and loss of power

So here’s the issue, for a couple of days the rev counter was either not working at all (reading zero) or just reading random revs (never over reading only under reading or zero). Then after a run out last Saturday, of maybe 150 miles or so, the engine suddenly lost power. It didn’t cut out, so would tick over okay, but the throttle would either respond erratically or not at all to a good old wrench of the twist grip! On the run before the loss of power there was no signs of the engine running lumpy or misfiring, all seemed smooth and fine (well to me anyway).
Not sure if the dodgy rev counter and the loss of power are related, I can only assume that they are?
So unfortunately the bike is now not ridable as the power cuts whenever I try turn the throttle :frowning:
If anyone has any experience of these symptoms or suggestions on what it could be and how to put right, I’d be very grateful to here from you?

The bike is a 748 Bip, 2000 on a W plate


My 1st point of call would be to check the battery and charging system, if all this checks out OK?
Then I’d be looking at the TPS/Throttle Position Sensor, 1st resetting it and if that doesn’t sort it out I’d replace it.
I’m fairly confident if you follow this advice you’ll have sorted out your problem.
If not ping me PM and I’ll up my game/go deeper into it, I’ve also just a few spare TPS’s laying around…
FFS don’t pay the Ducati asking price for one,as they can be found for a lot less IME.
They were also fitted to various Italian cars like the Fiat’s, Lancia’s etc and the Ford Cosworth’s for a start and possibly quite a few other cars.
Using these sources you can expect to pay around 25% of the OEM Ducati asking price again IME.

Steve R

My last dead battery on 996 (not quite dead, but definitely on its way out) wasnt fully holding a charge. When the bike fired up the rev counter went mental. not like yours, (under reading or zero). mine was bouncing from zero to around 5-7 thou and back (bike was ticking over around 1k, no rev changes). Any attempt at throttle just made the Tacho more angry.

perfect after new battery was fitted btw

Mr R / Diablo, sounds good to me, I’ll pop a new battery in for sure. I’ve been sulking with the bike for the last week so locked it in the garage and walked away. But when I checked it last night the battery optimiser was flashing and not showing a full charge. I swapped to the Optimate 3 last night so if its ding the same this evening I’ll definitely be changing the battery, and finger crossed that’ll be it :smiley:
Thanks guys

So it turned out that the crazy rev counter and the bike not running were totally unrelated. The bike not firing was down to the immobiliser relay going down, so that’s replaced and the bikes now running.
The rev counter is due to a dodgy wiring connection where the main connector goes into the back of the rev counter unit. I do have a question if anyone is able to answer; there are 2 wires that go into the rev counter 1 top and 1 bottom, both go into a rubber grommet like seal/plug, how are these wires disconnected? do they just pull out? It would be handy to know as I think I’ll just try to get a replacement rev counter, but need to successfully remove the old one first.