748 swinging arm removal

Hi everyone. Has any experienced a problem getting the swinging arm bolt on a 748 /916 .
Try to drop the Engine out on a 748 project .
I looked it up in the manual and it say , " Un do the bolt from the right hand side of the swinging arm bolt . This came out easy , then draw the swinging arm bolt out from the left hand side . Mine seems solid . I have tried just turning the bolt from the left hand side but it seem solid. Is it just siezed or am I missing something.

Hi Brian,
If it didn’t fly out it’s a complete bitch to get out. If you google there plenty of things people have done with good and bad results so read a few

. As it’s a hollow tube bolt giving it too much welly will deform the end of the bolt. There’s a diagram for a simple drift that can be turned if you have access to a lathe or an engineer mate. Make sure the opposite end of the bolt your whacking is braced against something solid. ie piece of wood against workshop wall. That will endure all force is acting on the bolt
All the best

Wow ! At last I think I have meet someone worth rejoining the club for , No offense meant to other
fellow members .
I have a lathe , but it might be to late . I have been using a brass drift . I dont think I have damaged the pin , well may be but its just not moving and I dont want to damage the motor .
I feel the right hand side is moving a little but it the hardened spacer/ ! That is seized