748SP brake pads

Good morning
Can anyone suggest suitable front pads for my 95 748 please?
Any truth in the fact that sintered pads e.g. EBC HH wear out the iron discs quicker than standard pads? Only using mine for road riding and very limited mileage (500 miles/year).
Thanks in advance for any comments, best regards, Ian.

Morning Ian , This is a very good question.
I’m rebuilding a 748s import in Foggy rep style . It had already been done and got a bit rough when I picked it up . I have iron disc’s and have been wondering similar questions.
I cant help but will be interested in reply’s to your question.
Regards Brian

It’s a fact that Sintered pads will plane down the working surfaces of Iron discs in pretty short order.
I use Ferodo Plantinum organic pads.

Steve R

Cheers for that Steve R . Much appreciated