749 general history post 2005

Haveing been looking for some time I was pleased to have finally bought a 749, I know not necessarily everyone’s choice but I sort of developed a thing about them. It’s also yellow, sorry.

As a 2005 facelift model BIP with the fabricated swing arm and updated front fairing I’ve only ever seen one other for sale in the press in 4 or so years so I’m intrigued to find out a little more about how common they are.

Is there anyone who might be able to help?

Not very common at all, 749 and 999 did not sell well so getting rare, I have a red 2006 749 and for an older bike looks stunning, there is a book out all about them, you need to buy it and appreciate your lovely bike.

Thanks Martyn748.

I think the book you mean is Alan Cathcart’s one which I’ve had for a couple of years. It’s a good insight into how the bike was conceived and designed. My original target was to get a late, 2005, pre-facelift mono with the original Terblanche design features but thats like looking for a needle in a haystack. To have a design conceived in 2001/2002 which can still hold its own today is amazing. All a bit OCD I’m afraid.

My riding has recently been heavily curtailed due to illness but the few miles I’ve done on my 749 have very enjoyable. I thought getting more back ground on the later bikes would be very useful until the bike is back on the road again. Any other help out there would be grateful received.

I will check, I don’t think it’s Alan Cathcart but I could be wrong