749 rear brake

Hi all. Just had my beautiful 06 749 deleverd from jl motorcycle in Carlisle today. Top lads up there,done me a blinding deal I couldn’t refuse. Been out most of the day to finally get use to this bike and I got to say that it a lovely beast to ride. Very different to my old rsv i used to own and very different to my gixer which I recently sold. Only one sore point is that the rear brake doesn’t seem to work that well. Is this a common fault with these bikes? I seem to remember my old rsv suffering with the same thing. The pedal seems a little hard to me but I am comparing to the gixer which was very different in every way. Anyone had a similar experience?

I think compared to jap bikes it seems to not work…I’ve just sold an r1 and bought a 749 , I used the rear brake
A lot on the r1 in slow traffic to stabilise the bike, it’s just another get used to thing I think…lol :smiley: