749s 2003 need help

I have a 2003 749s.it will tick over but when I open throttle it splutters and sometimes stalls but if you slowly open throttle it will Rev then stall.i have replaced the fuel filter but it still has the problem and I can ride it about 1 mile then it cuts out and won’t go. Has anyone any ideas what it could be or has come across a similar problem.

Unfortunately it could be one of a number of issues.
Is the bike new to you?
Has it been doing this for a long time or just started doing it having been running absolutely fine?
Has the bike been stood unused for a long time?
Tell us a bit more about the bike’s history and the problem please.

First things first though, you say you replaced the fuel filter, did you closely check the condition of the hoses inside the tank at the same time? Just want to rule out that one of them is not split or perishing.

Yeah it’s about 800 miles new to me.Before that looking at mots it could of stood for a while between owners. its was running brilliant on my last run we did about 200 miles but just towards the end of our run it started to rain heavy it still was ok I got home and washed it there was not a problem.i went to it next day it started with this problem.i found water in where spark plugs are so I got water out and dried.i then replaced spark plugs and fuel filter and everything looked fine.i even replaced the battery as it was a bit tired. It runs a lot better now but still has same problem. I have ordered some new air filters now the old ones where disgusting and some Beru coil’s because old ones looked tired.if you slowly build the revs up it will rev ok but when you let revs of it wants to stall but will go back to tick over.thanks for your reply.

iirc 749s are prone to water damage to the coil on the front cylinder, this is due to them being stick coils in line with the spark plug and right in the line of fire of mucky dirty water off the front wheel. As you mentioned it was OK then you got caught out in the rain then it started playing up my initial thoughts are it’s water damage to the front coil. Start with replacing the coils, as you are doing (and I’d do them both) and hopefully that will cure the problem.