749s DynoJet Power Commander 111 for sale

Hi guys, apologies I am not sure if this should go here, yet I was advised by “Fred” to put it on the forums, so here goes :slight_smile:

Hi bought a PC111usb for my 749s from Riders in Bridgewater just before Christmas, it has never been used and is in all the original packaging.

They kindly loaded the 749s Termi map directly onto it for me when I picked it up, the cables and CD ROM (with maps on it and you can download any maps from dynojet.co.uk) are all in the box. It can be used on a 749 and a 749s as far as I am aware.

However I don’t need it now as I have sold my 749s, OK I have reduced it down to £150.00 now :laughing: which will include Special Delivery postage.

Info on the DynoJet PC111usb from the DynoJet website:-http://dynojet.co.uk/powercommander/versions.htm

"The Power Commander IIIusb was introduced in 2003 and utilises the same “direct injector control” technology as the PCIII. The USB (Universal Serial Bus) port provides an instant, no-hassle way to connect the Power Commander module to a computer. This model also features an expansion port for future add-on modules like an ignition module.