750ss ie engine noise

Hi all
Just bought a 99 plate 750 ss ie in really good condition with 8700 on the clock.
The issue I have is a ticking kind of noise from the engine.
I’ve asked a few people and they say it’s piston slap as it goes away when warm ?
Is this true as it’s only got 8700 miles on the clock or is it a Ducati thing ? :unamused:
I have guzzis so I’m used to quirky :laughing:
I will post some pics soon.

Fat bikers bounce!!! :smiley:

Could be anything, and text isn’t the best way to convey a noise. You 'd be better off popping into a reputable Ducati specialist and ask them to have a listen.

I know the 600 had a little piston slap when cold, my Monster has 30,000 on now and never been an issue, may be worth just getting it checked out or get to a branch meet