750SS relpica

Hi all. I’m embarking on a project to rebuild my 1976 750 Sport, and to create a 750SS replica. I would appreciate any tips or advice. (don’t be so stupid type advice I will ignore).

The bike has Ceriani forks on it, from an 860. The original Marzochis came second best in a head butting contest with an artic lorry in the Blackwall tunnel. Has anyone out there recently managed to fit Lockheed callipers to Brembo type Cerianis. ( I need calliper mounting plates). Or dose anyone know where I might get some Lockheed/ scarab type Marzochi sliders, cheap(ish).


try looking on the site bevel heaven its American site but you can view the forum, you can get a lot of info from there.

ps… good luck i’m jealous as they say one day! one of if the best looking dukes ever.

Hi Phil,
When I converted my 900ss bevel to Lockheed brakes I used sliders that we meant for a Laverda, I think?
These were Marzochhi parts, I had to machine the spindle hole on one leg to take the Ducati wheel spindle.
I did this around 25 years ago.
If I’m right the only Ducati fitted with this set up was the original 750ss, finding a pair of these sliders is probably impossible nowadays.
Ceriani forks for Lockheed calipers were fitted to the MV’s of the day, so you might try there owners club.
I have seen and have got a picture of brembo Marzocchi sliders fitted with adaptor plates to take Lockheed calipers, unfortunatly the pic’s in a book and I haven’t got a scanner, the plates were fitted on the outside of the calipers and didn’t look to pretty IMO.
This’s the bit you can ignore, the 750s was a very nice bike in it’s own right, twin disc conversions don’t look out of place. There are lots of fake/replica 750ss’s around but not many 750s’s.
I think it would be a shame to spoil a nice bike.


Thanks guys, keep the advice comming…