848 2012 Evo SE - Termignoni slash cut question

Hi Folks,

Im looking to upgrade my standard cans on my 2012 848 Evo SE to the termi slash cut and could use some help. I don’t know whether i need the package that contains the ECU and filter and am worried about just installing the slip ons if that will affect the engine running or if i need ECU/filter. i’ve read some anecdotal info/threads on the matter and there is lots of conflicting info. Are there any experts out there that can advise? i’m slightly inebriated from xmas booze and would like to click “buy” before i sober up and see sense.

your help would be greatly appreciated!


Hi Andy . Nice to meet you .
Yes this has been discussed alot over the years .
I’m sorry I’m no exspurt . You may get a couple of guys on here that will give you good info .
I will tell you my experience’s from fitting race cans and filters with no adjustments to my ECU.
My First Duc a 748 , 99 plate was quite a learning lesson with the knock off on the throttle especially mid Corner. Took a bit of getting used to .
On a service I decided to fit a pair of Piper Cross filters. I felt this made a huge difference alone with the knock off . I then decided to get a pair of 2nd hand termi’s just to see the difference. It kinda went against the Grain as she is totally standard .
I felt she rode better for my change and have not had a problem by not changing the ECU.
I Then bought a 2008 848 and straight away fitted a pair of Arrows race cans with a pair of piper cross filters . Again I felt it rode smoother but no change to the ECU .
I do my own serviceing and can see not problem with the plugs , or temperature when running.
I’m sure I would be better to pop to a Ducati dealer and get them checked but the budget on running Ducs is quite big anyway and I haven’t got a close dealership.
I’m not telling you which way to go mate just my experiences.
Let us know how it goes .
Ride safe .
Regards Brian

Thanks Brian,

Appreciate the info. I have just ordered the can for now and will see how she goes. I was mostly worried about damaging the engine. Hopefully it won’t affect the running. Some folk have said no issues and other report needing the ECU remapped. Fingers crossed.