848 evo donor bike

hi guys I’m derek
let me tell you a story of bad luck. I bought my matt black 848 eve in Australia about six years ago it was my pride and joy.i lived down under for twelve years
after nearly 30 years of marriage my wife finally had enough of this stupid man child and we separated
shortly after my father passed away and I returned to Eire to bury him and after some persuasion I decided to move back to the UK
I then imported my Ducati back to London but in the mean time the funds from the sale of the family I lost the lot by buying into a business that went bankrupt, but I still had my bike all is good
I had it MOT’D and insured and was going through the processes of getting it registered
a V5
a few weeks later it was stolen outside my partners house after popping in for ten minutes.the insurance refused to pay due to not having a V5
six months later it was found {six streets away} and returned as I still had my Aussie plates it
they had smashed or glued all the locks and ignition and ground off all the VIN numbers so im stuck with a bike in my partners garage

its been too long to get a V5 as they fine you every month its here without it being registered
part from the locks and ignition its in fairly good condition
I can sell it as attack bike because I have no proof of ownership so I thought my best option was to buy a donor bike an N class write off maybe
your opinions and advice would be most welcome and I’m pleased to meet you all

That is a tough one, you could try to find an 848 with a trashed motor or as you say turn it into or sell as a track bike.
Is there no way of getting it registered in the UK ? Where abouts are you living ?