848 long distance?

[size=150]Hi, Can anyone help. Has anyone done long distance ride on an 848. Thinking of buying one trying to get honest opinion. I know it will be fun on short thrash but how about long ride talking 300+ miles in day. [/size]

[size=150]I took the 848 Corse SE out for a 90 mile test ride before buying it on Saturday. I came back with aching shoulders and wrists. But it was great fun, I took it from Plymouth up the A38. Dual carriageway was good on the wrists, but could see nothing in the mirrors, which I didn’t like as it impedes fast overtakes if you have to move your arm and head to see if all is clear behind. I went back across Dartmoor which was fun. But got the wrists when stuck behind cars.
Anyway it was fun to ride but not for me. I couldn’t ride it long distances, and I need a bike I can commute on, tour on and have fun around the Cornish lanes on.

I bought a Hyperstrada. Grin factor 9 and more practical.