851/ 888 Bolt kits

Hi Peeps,

I’m trying to build up a stock of Ducati stuff on my website (http://www.discovolantemoto.co.uk ) and I realise that I have nothing to entice the passing 851/ 888 owner into my well set snares!
The easiest thing for me to offer therefore is a mix of what I already have. And what I have in abundance are titanium grade 5 bolts :smiley: But I don’t have an 851/ 888 parts catalogue to determine the size and quantity of all the engine bolts :cry:
So, if anyone could enlighten me as to the type, amount and fitment of said bolts (Engine Kit, 851/ 888) I am more than happy to give the provider a kit at 50% discount.
First come first served.
Thanks (& apologies if I offend anyones sensibilities with this flagrant display of self publicism :blush: )