851 Fairing Panels - help!

Hi all! New to this forum but been a member of the DOCGB for a few years now. I have a '92 851, with about 15k on the clock. Alas, the sidestand sank into soft tarmac abroad and the left side fairing and front fairing sustained a bit of damage. It’s hard to repair this type of fibreglass well, although a few folks have said they would ‘have a go’. Does anyone know if I could get hold of replacements anywhere - ducati don’t have these as spares. Thanks a lot. Niall

I suggest the best thing to do is put a wanted ad in the club magazine.

I did know someone who had a stack of new panels a while ago, not sure where he is now though.

Contact Cycle art In Bolton 01204 388663

There repair, painting work is incredible. They have done my 888 bodywork and I cannot praise enough.

If you want to see the work they have done for me I live near Chester Cheshire or i can send before and after pictures.

Don’t throw away your panels they can be salvaged.

Thanks to Cheshirecat, I’ll give the Bolton boys a call

Just took 888 back to cycleart for him to take some pictures outside the premises and even he was impressed. Put the seat cowl onto the 851 which has original paint work at the weekend and the match is very very good.