851 Mirror Units

I have now found a source for Paso/907/851 mirror/indicator units, and have enquired about buying a “job lot” with the thought that I might get a better deal for fellow UK Paso/907/851 owners.
I have ordered a pair for myself, and bearing in mind that I haven’t seen them yet, so can’t comment on quality etc, but there are precious few options, I’ve asked about buying 5 pairs direct from the factory.
This means I could pass them on to anyone else looking for a new pair of mirror/indicator units for (this is tentative but…) about £90 delivered, compared to just over £100 if you bought them direct. Any more and I might get them slightly cheaper.
So the question is, without committing yourself yet, is there anyone else out there who’d want a pair of complete mirror/indicator units at this price? If so, reply to this post and let me know whether you want a pair, or just a left or right, and in what colour (if available).
If there are enough to make it worthwhile I’ll order a bunch of them, but I’m not spending a load of dosh to have them sat in my garage and on e-bay for fifteen years.
So, any takers?

Yes, I would have some

Give me a while to collate some replies then Mart, and I’ll be back to you.
As an addendum - they only come in red. So you’re sorted then.
Just had the old girl “refreshed” and she’s looking slightly better now.